At Sirius XM Satellite Radio, I regularly work shows called Minors and Majors, with host Grant Paulsen, and Baseball Today (formerly known as MLB Live Weekend) with DC sports radio host, Holden Kushner, and Jim Duquette, former General Manager of the New York Mets and Baltimore Orioles.

Part of my Associate Producer position at MLB Network Radio requires that I create pre-show production pieces to open the show. During the show, I can also pull sound and make production pieces to come back from breaks with. These show opens and rejoins are topical, newsworthy, and sometimes even funny.

Here are some samples:


During the summer of 2007, I created over 30 minute-long promos that were put in rotation. Each of these spots used the same underlying bed. I edited down highlights and sound bytes to create a summary of a singular significant "memorable moment" during that year's Major League Baseball season.

Sample promos: